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Title: Feels like Spring.
Post by: Gyppo on March 08, 2021, 11:17:10 AM
Windows and front door open.  Back door still closed as soon as I pass through  because of garden rat(s).
But the old Polar Bear is tidying his lair.

Another stash of cardboard is going out, and the stack of 'dealt with' letters on my office shelves is being 'thinned out' and filed if necessary.  No point in having a shelf full of neatly organised correspondence folders if they're not being used.

A lot of stuff now goes out almost as soon as it arrives, and direct debits have reduced the flood of bills and reminders, but some firms still like to send a raft of advertising 'bumf' on a regular basis.  Some of this I like to look at, but it usually end up in the 'look at this later' stack.

All fun and games on a bright if still somewhat chilly day.  The water in the birdbath is still frozen, even if I'm wandering about with bare feet and a short-sleeved shirt ;-)

Back to work, cramming as much as possible into my recycling bin.

If I'm still in a spring cleaning mood after lunch I may get out the leaf-sucker and fill up the garden waste bin as well.  But that's definitely not guaranteed ;-)

Title: Re: Feels like Spring.
Post by: Spell Chick on March 08, 2021, 02:44:13 PM
It was literally freezing this morning. Not like the 80 degrees of last week.

But it is supposed to get up to mid 60s this afternoon.
I'm not seeing too much spring in my yard, but a few blooming things are blooming elsewhere in the neighborhood.
Title: Re: Feels like Spring.
Post by: Gyppo on March 08, 2021, 03:00:49 PM
The green shoots of my bluebells are pushing up through.  Be a while before I see the flowers though.

My recycling bin is nearly full.  Just as well they're coming for it on Thursday.  They changed 'bin day', which was one of the fixed points on my calendar, and it's thrown me off kilter a bit.  In a year or two, when we're used to it, no doubt they'll change it again.  Probably back to what it was before.

They say it's all to do with efficiency.  But the bin men still work five days a week, with Saturday overtime to catch up after Bank Holidays.

Am I a cynic to picture some 'planner' sat in his office, suddenly aware that all is running so smoothly his bosses may decide they no longer need him.  So he comes up with  'brilliant' new system to justify his 'arse polishing' existence.

Not sure how much longer this burst of energy will last ;-)

Title: Re: Feels like Spring.
Post by: Spell Chick on March 09, 2021, 06:07:45 PM
I didn't ride my bike yesterday. But I am going out there soon and riding for a while today. It's good for my back - sitting on a bike is far different than the way I sit in my chair. That's because it is a recliner and my bike is not a recumbent. So, it should be good for me.