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Pentimento Magazine CLOSED


From the website:

We publish twice a year:  Summer and Winter.  The deadlines are March 15 for the Summer issue and September 15 for the Winter issue.

We accept essays, short stories, and interviews by individuals with a disability or a community member.  If you are an individual with a disability or part of the disability community as a family member, caregiver, special educator, or in any way connected to disability, we want to see your disability-related writing.

Word limit is 6,000, but we will consider a longer piece.

We are committed to publishing new writers as well as experienced ones.

Our first commitment is to unpublished works; but we will also consider works that have been published previously.  Please include the place of first publication at the bottom of the submission.  Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as you keep us informed of the publication status.

We will pay $25 – $250 for a published submission, and payment is determined by length and quality.  Payment for previously published work will be reduced.  A contract will be sent upon acceptance.

All rights revert to the author upon publication.

For more details, visit

At a glance, it looks interesting, however, on their "about" page, I find this:
"Pentimento is an ad-free literary magazine for the disability community.  We will be seeking non-profit status in 2014."

Then, when I have a better look, I find this under Authors & Artists
"Contributors to the June 2014 issue"

It makes me wonder, are they still in business?

Darn, I found their Facebook page and it looks like they shut down in 2018. The Editor and founder has Multiple Sclerosis and could no longer manage both personal care and the magazine -

It's getting more and more difficult to find submission options now that Glimmer Trail, SQ, and some others have ceased publication. And more often than not, the remaining sites charge entry fees.

Anyone with submission suggestions do please share.

That's a real shame.


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