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Parhelion Literary Magazine accepting submission of prose and poetry


Parhelion Literary Magazine is accepting submissions for the Summer 2019 issue.  They welcome submissions for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art.

We are especially interested in strong voices, compelling stories, and innovative narrative technique. The same general thinking applies to visual art as well: thought provoking, innovative, eye-catching. Most importantly, we want to connect to your work emotionally. We want to feel something when we read or view it.

You'll find their submission guidelines here:

And you can check out their current issue here:

I could not find the deadline for summer issue submissions.


I emailed and asked about the deadline.  This was the reply.  If you want to cut and paste it into your post and lose this one feel free to do so.



We don’t have a specific deadline. We will probably quit reading for July by May, but submissions after that will be considered for the winter issue.

Thanks for sharing us!

Elizabeth Varel
Parhelion Literary Magazine

Thanks, Gyppo! Let's just leave the post as is since you did the heavy lifting  ;)


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