Author Topic: Three Years of Dust  (Read 941 times)


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Three Years of Dust
« on: July 04, 2021, 09:19:12 PM »
   Three years of dust.

   I am currently looking at my screen through eyes like a Myxxy rabbit, streaming and uncomfortable.  This is why...

   Earlier I sat at my keyboard and watched the sunlight dancing amongst the dust on my office windowsill, and sitting like a dull furry coat on the once shiny glass and chrome of the tall paraffin lamp which sits in one corner.  This lamp, a family heirloom, has never been used since I moved into the bungalow or the gradual accretion of muck would never have happened.

   But today the sun's angle was just right to reveal the full dusty horror.  The sill itself is usually and largely hidden behind the monitor and printer on my built-in desk, carefully transferred from the house, so the pernicious build up wasn't noticeable under everyday circumstances. Steinbeck could have written as novel about it.

   I moved the lamp and realised just how much muck there was on the sill.  Cleaning this much dust was going to make me sneeze like hell and maybe even bring on an asthma attack.  But, having seen it, I didn't feel like ignoring it any longer.  Had it been a rainy day with closed doors and windows it would have had to wait, undisturbed for a bit longer.

   The depth of my desk makes it a bugger to reach across, without moving both monitor and printer, and I wasn't feeling that energetic.

   The answer, once I thought about it a bit, was surprisingly obvious.  Bungalow thinking provided the solution.

   I went outside, opened the window as far as it would go, and cleaned up stood on the grass.  The cable on the router and the power supply were long enough to pull them out and de-dust them before putting them back.  The lamp was carefully carried into the kitchen for a good washing before I give it a polish.  I'm sorry to say no Genie appeared - yet -  but, judging by the smell of the furniture polish, this specific hallucination may still be waiting to materialise.

   Logic tells me to add a windowsill 'blitz' to the twice yearly de- fluff inside my computer tower.  Which is another 'dry day, windows open' job

   I dare say the 'curtain twitchers' figured out what I was doing, but without seeing my monster desk they may well have wondered why.  All  part of the legend ;-)


   PS: My printer stopped working after the clean-up.  But the problem was simple.  Whilst wiping over the surge protector extension lead I'd accidentally switched off that particular socket.  Serves me right for wanting individual switches instead of just buying the cheaper unswitched extension.

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Re: Three Years of Dust
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2021, 02:11:32 PM »
I see an unplugged printer works just as well as an unplugged toaster. Good to know. That electricity is some powerful shit.

I dust way too infrequently to be considered an adequate duster. But so far, the health department hasn't shown up.
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