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Spell Chick:
When we get more boards and have a outline of choices, we are still going to need a place to just talk about nothing or everything.

Perhaps a bar where we all can meet and relax.

I don't know if we have a bartender yet, but whoever is there [tap,tap,tap - is this thing on?]
Can I please have a cup of coffee? A cranberry muffin and some bacon would be good, too. Thanks, whoever you are.

Cathy C:
Can't do without our virtual drink. And seeing as there's no Bar Keep at the moment.....*Helps herself* ;D

'Gimme your orders, folks.?'

Spell Chick:
Fred the Head Bartender has been unemployed for years now. I wonder if he's around somewhere and willing to work for what we pay.

It should be a crime to have a perfectly good bartender unemployed!

FRED! Your big break is here good man! Now wipe the dust off that stuff and make yourself useful!

I dare say Fred the Head and Bones could both be persuaded to share the running of the bar and grill.  I'm sure the temporal ambiguity of being in two places at the same time for a while won't bother them at all.

But does the jukebox in this place have the same selection of records?  Let's check it out.


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