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How do you know?

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Hey guys,

I think I am second guessing myself here but how do you know that a short story is ready for self publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing?

This will be my first foray into publishing and I think I am just freaking myself out and letting my self doubt in. I was all ready to go in my head until I set up KDP and now its all too real.

I want to start publishing my short stories to get my name out there before I start sending my novel off to traditional publishers.
 I would share it on here but I'm not sure it meets the community guidelines  :o and I know we have some younger members who I wouldn't feel comfortable reading it.

So, how do you know?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
AJ xx

When it's as good as it can possibly be. Having the jitters once the final draft has been sent off for publishing and it can't be withdrawn is nothing new. I'm sure we all feel a touch of last minute self-doubt no matter how many pieces we've had published. Trust your instincts and press that button.
Good luck.


I agree with Hilly here.

Even if you've been doing this for years you will probably still find things you wish you'd worded slightly differently long after a piece has been published.  But there comes a time when you just have to let it go, like sending your child to school for the first time.


Thanks for the advice...

I did it!
I pulled up my big girl pants and pressed the damn button.

Now I have to wait for KDP to process it but it should be available within 72 hours.

Thanks again
A.J xx

So there you have it.  A lesson for anyone else who's spent a lot of time working on their tales, is running out of excuses to tinker with it any more, but is still feeling a bit timid.

As they say in the Nike adverts...  "Just do it."



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