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Hello to all!

It's been awhile. Haven't been very active on MWC lately. Thank you, Laura H, for suggesting I pop over here. Looking forward to checking out the new digs.


Wow! I'm a newbie all over again. No editing powers. :'(

Michael Marnier:
Welcome to BWF, Miggsie. Been a while. Sad that the new owners at MWC have neglected the site. It's been overrun by spammers, mostly Russian, and the mods have lost the battle without key assistance from a competent IT staff.

BWF is now the place to be. Are you working on anything? Hope you are well.

MM aka AQ

Artemis Q! Awesome to see you here.

I've been rather busy with my day job this year and have been challenged to find time to write. Making it work better now. I committed to NaNoWriMo this year and won. Wrote 50K words, though what I've written is not a novel, it was more therapeutic/ autobiographical/ memoir. Have no intention of anyone ever reading. At least at this point, I don't. But it's the first longer work I've done beyond flash and short fiction. So I'm pleased. I have several novel ideas I'm shaping. Still trying to figure out which genre I want to write in.

How are you? How's Charlie?

Michael Marnier:
CJ is deep diving in the Deep Strait, hunting down the mexican drug lord that captured and tortured his girl, sexy DEA agent, Vicky Borne, before he rescued her at the end of TOTS. Of course, his best bud from the SEALs, Hawk Handy, is with him. And now his war-dog, Spirit, a Belgian Malinois enters the fray. Exciting (hopefully).


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