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What odd things make you feel old?

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I was listening to old music the other day, thoroughly enjoying my self-induced time-warp.  Music from the 60s rarely makes me feel old.  But...

Temma harbour, by Mary Hopkin, from 1970 is forty eight years old.

Where the hell did the time go?

I know a lot of it slipped away under my rolling wheels, or was swallowed up wandering clifftops and quiet winter beaches, and tapping away at the keys in the quiet watches of the night.  But Temma Harbour doesn't feel nearly half a century ago.

When I think about it I rarely feel old, but just occasionally something makes me aware of the inexorable passage of time.


The realisation last night that my little nephew will never understand the frustrations of when a vinyl record is scratched and keeps jumping on the same bit of music again and again and again and again.  He'll never understand that when I was his age music could only be played so many times on repeat before it actually wore out and you had to buy the record again if you wanted to keep listening to it!  CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays have a lot more staying power than vinyl did even 30 years ago!!

have to disagree there Amanda, vinyl is back, if it ever went away, big time. Even here in Vienna record shops are popping up all over the place. The sales of vinyl grow where as that of CD's is stagnating.I'm sure your little nephew will be putting the vinyl on the turntable :)

Matt Walker:
... The realisation that when I started secondary school my now wife hadn't even started primary school (I'm 31, she's 23 - the age gap is only weird when we mention school!).

You are right there Matt, my wife doesn’t believe some of the stories i tell about my school time in England. I am 62 she will be 40 this year.


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