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Re-title a well known Film, Book, or even a video game.

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The object of this game is to re-title a well known  Film, Book, or Video game, or even a play.

Bonus points, (kudos only, so can't be converted to BitCoins), for adding a description of the story.

Let's start with something slightly risque...


A bizarre game in which a ridiculously over-endowed male has to transport his mighty member over, under, through, or around various obstacles, utilising totally inappropriate transport such as a wheelbarrow or a pack mule, with all the problems and misunderstanding which ensue.


Jo Bannister:
Boom Raiders: the story of the ships which broke the siege of Londonderry in the 17th century, thus allowing it to have two names, a sing-along signature tune and possibly the least attractive-sounding district - Bogside - anywhere in Europe.

Groom Raiders

A group of gnarly old spinsters creep through the windows of grooms awaiting the morning sun to wake them for their wedding day. They are taken to Gnarly Mountain never to be seen again. The bride is left at the alter....wondering

Spell Chick:
Harry Potted

A young magician is lured into the dark side and ends up in a gutter, drunk as a skunk.

Jo Bannister:
Harry Spotted: the sequel


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