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I've just noticed a tub of stuff on the shelf and it struck me it sounded like the name of a somewhat dodgy character.  In this case the make also added a hint as to what kind of character.  Read it phonetically and there's something almost Dickensian about it.  Definitely a slippery dude.

Nuage  (New Age)
Aqueous Cream

I suspect there are others of the 'Cream' family waiting to  be discovered.

Got any of your own?

Jo Bannister:
Aqueous was indeed the smoothest member of the Cream family, but none of them were the sort of people you'd take home to meet your mother.  Grandfather "Ice" was universally acknowledged to be a Mafia hit-man.  His son Custard, Aqueous's father, was often described as a bit two-faced, and few acquaintances thought it was worth the trouble to access his soft centre.  And his son Cornish was a bit of a clot. 

In an attempt to distance herself from her disreputable family, daughter Caramel started spelling the name the French way.

Poor old Cornish ;-)

Mark Hoffmann:
Wasn't Aqueous Cream a porn star who specialised in jacuzzi scenes?

This game is hard than it looks though. Best I could do (and I had to mess with the spelling) was Monty Pulchyarno

Jo Bannister:
Ah yes, good old Monty.  The family name, of course, comes from the mountain in Wales  - Ypulch yArno - where generations of his forefathers raised sheep.  In fact, several of his forefathers were sheep.  Monty himself is best remembered as the inventor of the crepe-soled ski for timid winter sportsmen. 

Then there was the notorious Russian informer, Keepoff, a man so reviled that denunciations of him still appear on notices in public spaces all around the world.


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