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Dylan di Vilde

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« on: March 13, 2018, 10:12:13 AM »

It looks like some geezer
has left a fridge freezer
outside his abode
by the side of the road.
Abandoned it there so on some future day
the council or gypsies might take it away.

But before it is taken
it lingers forsaken,
a desolate monolith, banished, displaced,
dismissed from the family, coldly replaced.

And though without blame
it stands there in shame -
callously cast from the house
like a wronged Victorian spouse
who has cruelly learned
what it is to be spurned.
And all are aware of the public disgrace -
how a showy new model has taken its place.
The neighbours observing its pitiful plight
merely hope that it’s swiftly removed from their sight.

Alone in the cold,
labelled as old,
its flaws on display
in the harsh light of day,
it now must await
an undignified fate
at the hands of a man
in a dirty old van.