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My second attempt at a new game :)

So, the idea is to link interesting characters / scenarios from your real life to someone else's real life / observed characters.

First person tells of a character they've encountered who they think would be interesting in a story. Second person relates their own character, and explains how the two characters meet. Subsequent people choose one or more characters from the previous post, and add their own, with a scenario to explain how they meet / what they are doing together.

So, my character is this:

A young endocrinologist commits fraud, by falsifying research. When it became apparent that his study would not show what he expected it to show, he started collecting and spiking his own urine with whatever chemicals and submitted it to another lab for analysis. He was discovered when a research assistant from the the first lab read the published paper and recognised the discrepancies in findings (I guess he must have assumed RAs don't read scientific journals???)

Who has a friend for my errant doctor, and how did they meet?

Mark Hoffmann:
Here's the problem ... I'm using my real name on here so interesting people from my real life are a non starter.   :)



All my games are crap :)

I was thinking however there might be people you observe from afar who never end up actually knowing you....

Mark Hoffmann:
Yeah but, then I wouldn't know their interesting little secrets. :)

You should take heart in the knowledge that the most popular games are NOT most interesting!! If you are hungry, it is easier to grab a bag of crisps than it is to make a pizza.

Anyway, I think you should take your endocrinologist and give him a life in The Village. I'm pretty sure he'd get his comeuppance in Milieu.

Alas, I know nothing more about him other than those details. But I guess the advantage of the Village is that I can make the rest up ;)

(Still, the Station worked best for me when I felt I knew the character emotionally. This game was more odd characters I meet here and there, I don't know them, or have an inkling how they would react in this or that situation, I just think they're interesting from afar)


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