Author Topic: Too hot to cook? Fed up with salad? A carnivore's easy option ;-)  (Read 48 times)


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   Micro-waved Bacon

   I buy thick sliced bacon, from a proper butcher, not the supermarket stuff which is sliced so thinly it could almost qualify as Kosher.  One slice of this makes a decent lunch with a homemade half baton, and splash of appropriate sauce, or even naked.  Good tasty bacon doesn't need to be slathered in sauce.

   In the current heat wave firing up the frying pan or the electric skillet can feel a step to far and encourage someone living alone to not bother at all.

   Following a you-tube tip I've found I can quickly zap this thicker bacon on a plate with a couple of layers of kitchen roll underneath it and another on top.  These absorb the fat and splatter very nicely.

   NB: I use decent thick kitchen roll.  The ultra cheap 'budget' stuff sticks to the bacon and you either lose a meal, or end up eating the paper as well.  Neither outcome is what you were looking for.

   In my 900 watt microwave a single slice cooks nicely with one minute and fifteen seconds on full power.  One minute and thirty makes it start to shrink and go crispy if that's how you like your bacon.

   Adjust timing if you have a lower-powered microwave oven.  After the first minute I suggest checking at fifteen second intervals,  until you know what works for you, and keep in mind that micro-waved food carries on cooking for a minute after the power is off.

   In my machine two slices take about two minutes.  I've never tried to do more.

   The tissues can be used to wipe off the cooking plate, so very little fat gets into your washing bowl or dishwasher.

   This is one of those win/win situations.