Author Topic: Reflective Evening. Late night music on headphones.  (Read 92 times)


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Reflective Evening. Late night music on headphones.
« on: June 14, 2022, 01:34:24 AM »
Gyppo ambles into the bar and the jukebox, shaking the dust off its electrons, kicks into life with a couple of reflective tunes to suit his mood.  And Bones, jerked awake to serve a couple of bottles of Cobra Non-A, wonders what has triggered this visit.

"Just time and place, Bones.  No specific reason."

Sand and foam.  Donovan

Try for the sun.  Donovan.

For some reason tonight I'm  remembering a girl with long black hair and a white dress, who stepped out of a Rolls Royce in a little hamlet along the Devon coastline.  With a bedroll and a capacious woven bag.  She'd thumbed a lift from near Exeter and the first person she met, as that classy door closed silently behind her and the Roller purred away, was a dusty and somewhat ragged traveller, sat on the seawall.

She checked she was in the right place, (she was), introduced herself as Alison, and told me she was there to meet her boyfriend, but the hitch-hiking gods had smiled upon her and she was two hours ahead of their planned meeting.

I offered her a drink in the welcoming cool of the harbour pub and she accepted.

She was full of how the Rolls had stopped and a 'elderly gentleman with a scarf' had offered her a ride.  We swapped hitcher stories and she told me how her boyfriend had a job at the  nearby caravan site and a house to live in for the summer.  Then I sloped off back to my tent when she started looking nervously at the pub door.

That evening I was in the pub again, and so was she.  I chose not to speak to her when I saw a blocky chap, with broad shoulders straining his T-shirt, who seemed to be joined to her at the hip.

But after quarter of an hour or so he came over and offered me a pint for looking after his girl.   A strange mix of courtesy and warning.

Neither the first or last time an easy friendliness has been suspected of something more.


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