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Villanelle game


Okay, so, this might totally bomb, but here's my suggestion for a game:

Sometimes you come across a line in life which would be perfect for a villanelle (ie, a line of iambic pentameter that expresses a concept with lots of different facets, or which is suitable for rumination)

My suggested game is this:

Phase 1: complete the first tercet
First person suggests a starter line and / or couplet. Others then add in with suggestions until person 1 (hereafter called the starter) has a tercet they are happy with

Phase 2: others suggest new middle or first lines, or themes, to contribute to the remaining tercet and final quatrain.

Phase 3: the game ends when the starter either completes a poem, or, after say a fixed number of posts on the topic (100?) they give up. The starter then nominates one or the participants to start the next villanelle.

If there's any interest, my starter line would be the title of a book I just saw:

"You are dying, and your world is a lie"

I'd like to make this into a comic villanelle :)

Mark Hoffmann:
It's a good line, but, if we are going comic could we change to first person. Or are you worried that will lead to too many lines starting with I? And screwing up the last 2 lines if both refrain lines start with I.

So I have a potential plot. He's (I'm) dying because he's (I'm) choking on a piece of pork pie. He's (I'm) a vegan hence the lie.

I am dying, and my world is a lie (A1)
blah blah
a vegan chokes on a slice of pork pie. (A2) <- sorry not very good.


I don't mind if it changes to "I". It seems a little darker with "you", but I'm open to ideas. :)


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