Author Topic: What's The Weather Doing In Your Part Of The Planet  (Read 157956 times)


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Re: What's The Weather Doing In Your Part Of The Planet
« Reply #2295 on: January 16, 2020, 06:53:37 PM »
Our local 'poundshop' had a flood yesterday.  Lots of water flooding in through the ceiling and most of the staff rushing about with buckets and mops.  I think they're suffering from 'not quite flat flat roof syndrome.  If the rains heavy enough it settles at the downhill side against the vertical wall of the three story frontage and finds a gap.

I've seen this elsewhere and once that internal roof space fills up it takes a long time to all drain through.

Something similar happened in our caravan when I was a kid and the roof insulation soaked up a lot of water an held it for as long as it could.  The inner roof panels started sagging under the weight.

As a stopgap Dad drilled a couple of holes so it would drip into a bucket which he had to empty every hour or so.  When it stopped raining he was up on the roof with a mastic gun borrowed from work.  After that he opened up a bigger hole  and the stink from the water suggested it had been accumulating for some time.  But it eventually stopped dripping

When the weather got much better a few days later he stripped the inside panels, pulled out the stinking insulation, which was horrible brown colour, replaced it, (probably with rockwool), and installed new panels.

At the time I thought it was just something that all Dads must know how to do.  I found out later it was the first timed he'd done a job like that.  I do remember it was several weeks, and some more heavy rain, before he trusted it enough to repaint the ceiling.