Author Topic: You'd probably shake your head...  (Read 292 times)


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You'd probably shake your head...
« on: January 09, 2021, 11:30:24 AM » some of the Spam which gets deleted before you see it.  Most of it in Russian, even if the address suggests the UAE, or France, or even Mauritius.  A quick run through Google Translate has spotted some bizarre oddities amongst the usual enhancements and  dodgy medical supplies.

I always disinfect my system after these occasional ventures onto the dark side.

I realise this is shotgun-spread advertising, but even though most writers have wide interests one has to wonder at the logistics of anyone taking up some of these offers.

Such as a contractor, allegedly from Tajikstan offering Hydro-Dynamic  Sewage Pipe Cleaning.  He must have one hell of a long hose.

Fresh trout from Karelia.  By the time it got here it could probably swim through the door unaided.

Liquid Wallpaper which promised 'seamless application'.  I immediately pictured the Mister Bean episode where he painted his flat with an open can of paint and a firework to disperse it evenly ;-)