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Scam, or an aggressive sales pitch?


Nearly every day for the last week I've been receiving increasingly strident e-mails, including two different variations on the same theme today, reminding - nay, exhorting -  me to auto-renew my subscription to McAfee anti-virus.  I almost felt sorry for those poor little electrons, jumping up and down in a frenzy of 'buy now', whilst spilling their seed on such stony ground.

I've deleted them all with hardly any worries because I don't have McAfee on my computer.  I've never had it on any of my machines.

I did briefly wonder if it had somehow sneaked itself on, but a through search found no trace.

Will I ever hear from it again seeing as the 'deadline' has passed today?
UPDATE:  Now up to 6 reminders in one day, including an offer of an 80% discount.  At this rate they'll be offering to pay me to use it. ;-)

They're still trying, and each new offer is a 'last chance'.

The running total is now up to fourteen McAfees, eight Nortons, and two Bullguards ;-)  None of which have ever been on any of my machines.  I'm losing interest in the game now and have pretty much stopped counting.

Spell Chick:
I'm always so hopeful when someone tells me this is my last chance. I hope they will STFU, but alas, they rarely do.

The novelty has worn off with well over twenty 'offers' from McAfee now.  I've set up a filter which sends anything with 'your protection has expired' in the subject line straight to the junk file.  It's already caught two more.

If it's still catching them at the end of the week I'll reset it automatically delete them.



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