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Mixed messages...


As my computer was flipping through its wake up and settle down stuff this morning a message popped up, informing me it had failed to make the latest update, and inviting me to 'click here to correct'.

I clicked to see what had - or indeed hadn't - happened.  After a pregnant pause it warned me it might take some time and gave me the option to delay it until overnight.  But, feeling reckless, and having other household stuff I could get on with, including a long overdue hoovering, I told it to go ahead now.

After a while it cheerfully lied with a straight face. 'This computer cannot run Windows.'

I hate to call it a liar, but  it can and does.

If it means it can't run the latest all-singing, all dancing, super smug version then perhaps not.  But it's currently running Windows 10 Pro like a champ.

I shall go back into settings and tell it to ignore the latest upgrade until I absolutely have no choice.  All my security updates are in place.

My computer is a working tool, not a status symbol.  My nephew would probably tell me it should be listed as an historic artefact.  I see it more as a loyal old family retainer.  Past official retirement age but still 'pegging along'.



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