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Finally,I had surgery to repair a hernia Wednesday

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I naively thought I'd be there for an hour ::)

Hahaha...I was in pre-op for 4 hours,I was starting to feel cranky since I hadn't drunk or eaten anything since the previous night...

When the Nurse installed the IV port she missed the vein and had to wiggle the needle out  :o good thing I'm not squeamish lol.She was extra gentle when deforesting my trunk area thankfully...

Post surgery I woke up without feeling hungover thankfully,was realeased at 7:30 pm

Hope it all went well.

How did Pigs treat you when you got home?  Friends with dogs tell me some seem unhappy when the boss comes home with the 'hospital smell' about them, others just seem fascinated by the 'new experience'  and want to keep sniffing at the operation site.  I'm told some cats do the same.


Pigs was quite happy to see me,I took him out for a short walk.Have to make sure he doesn't pull on the leash...They gave me a prescription opioid for the pain Wich I found funny as I experienced worse pain when I had shingles :-X

A close friend wants me to sell it :o

Don't worry I'm not that daft

Jo Bannister:
Look after yourself.  I'm glad it went well, but the danger point is when you think you're over it and you're not quite.  Give everything time to heal properly.

On the plus side, working a keyboard doesn't use your abdominal muscles too much...

Take care of yourself, Frank.


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