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Jo Bannister:
OK, the answer to the missing Make It Up As You Go Along thread is...

dah dah ...

to start another one!  I'll kick off with



--- Quote from: Jo Bannister on November 04, 2020, 09:35:48 AM ---ABSENTEE

--- End quote ---

Unexplained and sudden lack of the popular British breakfast  beverage


Mark Hoffmann:
To set housework to music. Appropriate songs obviously. Son of Preacher man by Dusty Springfield when dusting Gran's old bible. Ra Ra Rasputin while polishing the Russian dolls on the mantlepiece. Please Please Me by the Beatles when sorting your dildos into size order. That kind of thing.


Spell Chick:
A feathery prop that came with the "French Maid" costume at the porn shop. The actual "feathers" are a choke hazard.


Mark Hoffmann:
To fail you assassins' diploma due to poor garrotting technique.



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