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I promised myself to write a poem (at least one) every day during the month my MS is in quarantine. I need to keep those fingers nimble, eh?

And, for accountability, I'll post my daily poems in this thread. They don't have to be good. It would, of course, be nice if they were, but they can also be absolute rubbish. The only requirement is that I write them, and post them here.

Here's today's poem. Just a Four And Twenty, created using the cut-up technique. I thought it best to give myself an easy start, but I do intend to write at least one villanelle too. Probably near the end of my month.


the smooth lack of tears
may approach extreme proportions
of labour and hardship
weighed in gold


today the air is cleaner
the streets quieter
and my mind calmer


tiny cottage
fridge filled with food
comfy bed

hot tea, steam rises
in cold air, apple pie scent
tickles my nostrils

Did a second one today. An American Paragraph.

the street I used to walk is longer now the trees no longer blossom
black muddy puddles stare at me, disdain dripping from cold ghoulish eyes
from grey skies drizzle tears in dreary succession soaking through my clothes
I cycle on, skin wet and clammy, my sight obscured, cursing the wind


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