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Dylan di Vilde:

2 hip guys - guitar and sax
jam outside the Halifax
to raise a little cash… although
the Halifax went years ago
and no-one passes, no-one stops -
this road’s a sea of empty shops.

The music, cool and bittersweet,
meanders through the lonely street
and, though it adds an atmosphere,
I have to wonder... Why sit here?
This jam as far as I can see
has only made them 50p.

I think they’ve picked this empty zone
for arty reasons of their own.
They don’t really care
if no-one’s there.
They think the mood this corner has
suits their introspective jazz
and through their music they express
its melancholy emptiness.

You’d think such musicality
would add a chic vitality -
suggest a new and vibrant phase
with trendy bars and chic cafes!
Instead they weave a downbeat tone
as if we’ll all just .. die alone,
we’ve made the bed we lie upon,
the game is lost! - all hope is gone.
Thus further bringing down
this run-down part of town.

Thanks 2 hip but ageing guys
who gloomily extemporise.

I bet it was the tunes you play
that drove the Halifax away.
They heard the moods that you explore
and couldn’t take it anymore.
You closed the Greggs and Golden Ball
and Bodyshop – you killed them all!   
coldly making what remains
the setting for your sad refrains.

Mark Hoffmann:

Dylan di Vilde:

I really like this, Dylan. I can visualize and almost hear the music on a once vibrant street, a witness to days gone by.

Thank you for sharing.


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