Author Topic: Another overdue project completed. 'Pit-Props' for my desk ;-)  (Read 828 times)


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Another overdue project completed. 'Pit-Props' for my desk ;-)
« on: September 24, 2020, 11:00:52 PM »
   Ever since I positioned a half height set of steel shelving on one end of my long desk I've been reluctant to put anything really heavy on the shelves.  That end of the desk was only balanced on a strip of wood screwed to the plasterboard walls.  It was a 'temporary' solution when I moved in. 

   I always knew what needed doing to make it really safe, but without the shelving it wasn't really necessary.

   Today I cut and fitted two 4" x 2" wooden uprights under the 'weak' end to take the weight.  I had to tap them into place with a rubber mallet, but they slid in easily enough because I made little sliding plastic 'shoes' for the lower ends, cut from plastic milk bottles.  Otherwise the sawn end of the wood would probably have snagged on the carpet.

   My desk is massively over-engineered now, but I'm a great believer in 'sturdy'.

   But the real triumph was in getting my gouty knees down onto the floor without total agony, then lying on one side in a claustrophobic little space, using the safety version of Thor's hammer to wedge in the 'pit props'.

   Once I wriggled back out again I lay flat on the floor for a while until my pulse returned to normal, and then tortured myself back upright again.  My ankle locked up for a while, but otherwise it wasn't too bad.  As we used to say in the arena, days "It's only pain, and that passes."

   My office currently smells of freshly sawn lumber, which is quite pleasant now it's no longer making me sneeze.

   But the wooden curtain rails for bedroom and living room can wait for a bit longer.  I've done enough for one day.


Left click if it's not big enough.


PS:  I gave Alma her first lesson in woodworking today.  Showed her how to draw a straight line all the way around a scrap bit of  of four by two, which she'd clamped up in my workmate bench and let her cut it off with a saw.  Showed her how to reposition the wood in the clamp so you can always saw in the best direction, with the best chance of a straight line, and threw in a few safety lessons as well.

Some of it will stick.

A bit nerve-wracking, but there was no blood.

Showed her how to sharpen a knife as well, but decided not to show her how to give it a final strop it on your jeans leg.  Too easy for her to demonstrate this to someone with a sharp knife and do herself a mischief.  I've cut my leg a few times when the point catches on the denim.  Not a thing to do if your concentration is off.

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Re: Another overdue project completed. 'Pit-Props' for my desk ;-)
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2020, 02:09:04 AM »
It's nice to have a project finally finished.
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