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We all know what our characters look like, and how they sound, right? So, I've had this picture of Bel in my head, and I know exactly what her voice sounds like (she's a professional singer). And then YouTube suggested I might like this video.
And there she was. MY Bel! OK, she doesn't look exactly the same. Bel's got ivory skin and verdigris eyes, and short hair, because she's a practical young woman. And there's that tiny detail of her being in a wheelchair. But apart from that. This is Bel.
And the voice? Exactly the way I imagined she would sound. That has never happened to me before.

Jo Bannister:
I'm sure you'll be very happy together!

The idea is actually that she'll be happy with my male MC. Eventually, of course. After I've had my fun torturing them making their lives hell letting them root out some Evil.  ;)


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