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Mark Hoffmann:
Best bit:

--- Quote ---I found the mystery aspect of this book and the hunt for Oliver Olivovich’s killer twisty and interesting. I liked how the author takes the reader down a number of seemingly unconnected paths. I didn’t know how all of the different leads were connected as I read and I think that the author did well to pull everything together at the end.
--- End quote ---

Full review:

Someone liked it enough to sit down and write a fairly lengthy review, rather than just 'Wow!'

That, in itself, is an accolade.

Well done, Mark.


Mark Hoffmann:
Not quite. That and other similar sites are paid for by the publisher/author. That said. they do not guarantee a positive review or indeed a listing.

The things you learn as an indie  :)

I did have an independent review of the type you describe on FB.

No Amazon reviews though :(

Jo Bannister:
A review is a review.  Readers neither know nor care about the terms - they just want to know they can expect an honest opinion.  Well done.

Mark Hoffmann:
Thanks, Jo.


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