Author Topic: Castles/Warehouses In The Air.  (Read 546 times)


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Castles/Warehouses In The Air.
« on: June 06, 2020, 12:55:24 PM »
Castles/Warehouses In The Air

Every week a different folded plastic bag,
rustles through my front door,
raising memories of real mail.
It uncurls slowly,
spreading itself like some wanton
begging me to fill it.

I wonder at the logic behind this,
the charity used clothing collection.
How can we ever satisfy this endless lust?

Do the organisers believe that I,
and millions of others,
own countless secret warehouses
bulging with surplus clothing?

Miles of invisible shelving,
packed into a garden shed
or a dusty loft,
defying the laws of physics?

Acres of disused aircraft hangars,
perhaps, or empty shipyards,
racked out with billions of coat hangers.

Spare shoes, 'neatly paired' of course,
beyond the wildest dreams
of even Imelda Marcos?

So I put the unfilled bags,
heartbreaking messages unread,
into the plastics recycling bin,
and wonder at the waste of energy,
and the possible pollution,
of endlessly recycling empty bags.

It's one of life's modern mysteries.

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