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Good day
« on: February 21, 2020, 03:01:10 PM »
There are a few workouts that have names and we do them from time to time and you can keep track of your scores and see if you are improving or not.

Isabel is 30 snatches (bringing the bar from the ground to locked out overhead in one continuous movement). These things hurt my arm for quite a while after my injury, but I've finally been able to work with them again. But I've been using a lighter weight.

I never use the "real" weight because I can't manage that much. But today, I did the same weight as last time and my time was 5.33 before, and today I managed in 4.12. That is a significant improvement. Maybe all this work is paying off in some way. Or maybe I just was able to start from a place where my heart rate was low enough to begin. That makes a difference, too. Whatever reason, I liked it.
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