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Three Days on the Train
« on: June 13, 2019, 06:26:28 PM »
Three Days on the Train
(based on a true story)

The littlest is persistent
trying to provoke his brother
whose forbearance is remarkable
in one so young
until, in a low, controlled voice,
the older inquires:
what may I do for you
Mister Spider But-hole?

Mister Spider But-hole.

The art of creative name-calling has been
all but lost
except among the kindergarten set.

Mister Spider But-hole.

Fellow riders within hearing laugh.
Few things are as universally reviled
as spiders, even more so, a spider's

The train rolls on,
Gaspar's Bridge unfurls beneath
seamlessly, trains no longer
click and clack, some kind of new technology
in laying track.

Brothers share their color crayons
in the dining car. Waiters inquire.