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Are you registered?
« on: March 15, 2019, 11:50:46 AM »
Are you registered for payments from PLR and ALCS?

If you've published books with ISBNs, you should be.  Both organisations collect and issue payments regularly for the use of published works over and beyond what would be expected from a private sale.  Sometimes they're not very large payments, but sometimes they are and anyway it's nice to see that people are using your work.

It's simplicity itself to sign up with both, on-line, and to add new titles as they are published.  PLR calculates loans information from contributing public libraries in the UK and produces a statement of payment due on each title.  ALCS collects money from various sources, including educational establishments, and probably is of most value to those producing non-fiction; but there's always an unattributed pot left over which they then distribute among signed-up authors.  I got notification of a useful cheque due this morning.

If you even think you might be eligible, find out.  Very few writers are rich enough to be able to ignore a legitimate income stream.