using a curio blog to draw interest

Started by geoffnelder, June 08, 2021, 05:29:24 PM

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Gaston is the science officer on the crashlanded ship, SUPPOSE WE. He becomes fascinated by what appears to be an alien butterfly.

There I was innocently perusing that Gaston's butterfly in my Suppose We trilogy is green when it occurred to me to wonder how? I've never seen a green butterfly but they exist. My research uncovered the revolting fact that butterfly poop (or more accurately their bile) is used to make some colours. I blogged it. Only short. You might be amused.

Patrick Wood

On the internet, you can find a lot of curio blogs related to novels, movies, dramas, etc. The main purpose of this type of blog is to create hype about that movie, or drama novel and develop others' interest in it. For example, you wrote a novel. So how do you tell the others that they should read your novel or does your novel deserve to be read to them? So you can write or can hire someone to write a curio blog for you. In the blog, you can share some interesting parts of your novel or movie or whatever you created and leave that part incomplete to create curiosity Which will force people to take your product.