Get self published in Sana Stories - The next Romance Writing Contest is here!

Started by SanaStories, March 09, 2021, 11:55:51 AM

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We are hosting our next writing contest for interactive romantic fiction. The theme is "slow burn" and the contest is open until 11 April, 2021. There are cash prizes for the winner stories (500€/200€/100€) and no entry fee.

Sana Stories is a mobile reading app developed by 10th Muse for reading interactive fiction romance stories. In Sana Stories all stories are branching, meaning that the readers can choose between several story lines, twists and endings.

For writers, Sana Stories is a publishing platform for authors. When submitting a story to Sana, authors keep all the rights to their content and can request removal of their content at any point. We also share 25% of subscription revenue with authors based on how much their stories are read.

Find out more about the contest rules, theme and prizes on our website:

Patrick Wood

There are a lot of publishing platforms for authors where you can submit your story and write your blog. The blog can be related to any topic like health, science, sports, entertainment, etc. different website gives you author rights which means you have complete copyright on that blog, and you can edit it and ask the authors of the website to remove that blog from their website. Different websites also conduct blogging competitions where they give you a topic and you have to write a blog related to that topic. Also if your blog is better than others you may win the prize which usually is money or a trophy or both.