Publishers looking for New Writters

Started by Tandy, November 18, 2018, 04:13:33 PM

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I have published my first book on CreateSpace I am a technophobe but they were very helpful so with the help of a chap on Fiverr I achieved a compilation of previous articles, not a brilliant book by any means but as an exercise  to see if I could actually complete and self publish it was successful 
I have just finished another book with much more care and was about to go the same route when I discovered several publishers advertising online for new writers if that helps anyone.  Just google publishers.


Warning:  There are sharks in the water.  What are known as 'vanity publishers', who will try and tell you that you need to pay to become published, to 'get your name out there'.  Some of them make it all sound seductively easy and logical.  They may even tell you that 'many famous authors had to pay to get their first book(s) published'.  There is an element of truth in this, in that many Victorian authors saw being published as a hobby.

The bottom line is still this.  Real publishers pay you, (not always as much as you might think, or hope), not the other way around.

Self publish by all means, but your investment is the words, not the contents of your bank account.

Buy, beg, or borrow the Writers and Artists Yearbook, or the Author's Handbook.  Both are often available from public libraries and also as downloadable e-books.



Hello Friends,

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