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Started by hillwalker3000, January 16, 2018, 11:40:32 AM

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Finally, eight years after signing a contract with an established publisher and after a barren period of virtually no sales, the rights for my first YA novel DREAMGIRL have reverted to me. Now I can republish with a new cover (and more realistic cover price). I can also use a more bookshop-friendly trim size for the paperback version and fix the typos inserted in the final version by the original publisher after the proof reading was completed.
Who said getting published by a proper publisher is better than self-publishing?

To celebrate the occasion, I'm making the Kindle version of DREAMGIRL free for 3 days (from January 19 to 21) as a New Year present to members of this exciting new web site in appreciation of the support given by those who used to hang around MyWritersCircle, and to encourage any newbies on here to consider taking the plunge and getting their own work out there.

Here are the links:

For UK readers

and for US readers

Hope those of you who take up the offer enjoy the read.


PS - in case you think I'm crazy, every free download contributes to the book's ranking on Amazon. The way their algorithms work, any download activity will subsequently lead to the book being promoted to a wider market of readers who have already purchased similar books. It's worked a treat for my other 6 books on Kindle, so here's hoping.

Michael Marnier

Bought it for $.99 so my review will have more weight. Good luck, Hilly.
Trouble on the Straits
Action-Adventure on the Florida Straits


I'll have a piece of that! Cheers, Hilly!


Thanks to both of you. Enjoy the read.



Thank you, H3K. I'll have to download the Kindle App again. I appreciate the offer and look forward to reading your reacquired book. Best of luck with your promotion.

Would you like me to share the links on Twitter and/or Facebook? I have 1500 followers on Twitter and about 500 friends on Facebook, many of them writers. I'd be happy to do so during or after the promotion you are offering here.

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Thanks DGsquared
Feel free to do so - I gave up the idea of making money from this particular title long ago. Happy to share the 'love'.



It's now safely ensconced on my Kindle and will be read fairly soon.  I already like the way it opens with a question.  A rather neat 'hook' in my opinion.


Thanks Gyppo. Hope you enjoy the read.




I got lost a few times because of the accents, but found my way again easily enough.

Probably designating it as my bed-time reading didn't help, but I was never tempted to give up.   I think there would be a lot to be said for reading this at one setting, as I more usually do with books.  That way the individual voices stay familiar.

Great characterisation.  The young artist was particularly convincing.  Took me a few chapters to get into the multiple viewpoint, but worth it.

The first Young Adult book I've read in a long time, so an interesting change for me.  But the basic challenges for kids haven't really changed all that much since I was at school.  Except for the abiding presence of drugs.

Deft handling of the diabetes.  Enough information but not too much.

Clever twist at the end baffled me for a few seconds, but I'll make no further comment on this as I don't want to spoil it for others.

Not my usual fare at all, but well worth reading.

Think you've convinced me not to attempt YA myself though ;-)

Thanks for the opportunity to read this.



Thanks for your kind words, Gyppo. And kudos for not giving up on the read. I won't ask you to attempt the Lochinver Trilogy in that case.  ;)