Dizzy but no Wormhole

Started by geoffnelder, February 26, 2023, 03:48:38 PM

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We writers have been warned off using dreams in our fiction. But what if you wake up in a strange hospital and a rough nurse tries to persuade you that all those decades of real life you've led was all an overnight dream? How do you know whether you reading this note is really a dream? Or not? So, this is the theme of one of my more surreal short stories, Dizzy, but no Wormhole I originally wrote in the week for TheHorrorZine but then realised it was too hilarious for them. Fiction4All accepted this morning so that's another tenner from them (A British-based publisher of anthologies and novels, but accepting from all over the world) in their upcoming Dark Tales III antho.


Sounds like a great story, Geoff.Congrats on the publication!
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