Can you help fellow romance readers & authors out?

Started by SanaStories, December 07, 2020, 01:31:48 PM

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Hello friends!

We are a small, mostly female and non-binary team working on a new kind of romance book reading app where all the stories are interactive (at certain points decided by the author you can choose between two story plot options, kinda like the good old 'choose your own adventure' books, except for romance!) We also want to make something that is much more fair than some of the current apps out there, for both readers and authors alike (no micropayments, 25% of subscription fees are shared with authors etc.)

We are at the beginning of our journey with the app, and would really appreciate some feedback from avid readers and writers like you. Our team is full of romance fans, fanfiction & short story authors, game professionals and reading enthusiasts, but we are still only less than 10 people. We want to create an app that is fun and easy to use, and we hope to also understand what people think about having choices in their romance books. Do they make the stories better, or are they just a distraction? What makes up the perfect romance reading experience?

Could you please help us out by checking app & writing tool out and giving us some feedback? This is still work in progress and we're happy to receive any thoughts, ideas & feedback, either good or bad! All feedback will help us improve :)

You can get the Sana Stories app from AppStore or Google Play from these links:
Google Play:

If you are interested, you can check out the Writing Tool and more info for writers interested in interactive storytelling here:

And finally, this is where you can leave us feedback.
Thanks so much in advance, we can't wait to hear from you!
Fill out the feedback form here:
Chat with us in Discord:

:) Love & Hugs,

The Sana Team
Karoliina, Veera, Zsofia, Ruska, Malin, Muhammad, Sami & Monica